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Microsoft Exchange Email Setup on Apple iPhone

This tutorial explains how to setup your Microsoft Exchange business email account for use on your Apple IOS device.

1. From the application menu of your device select Settings.

2. Scroll down the list of settings and select Password & Accounts.

3. Select the Add Account option from the Passwords & Accounts menu.

4. Select the Microsoft Exchange option for the type of email account you want to add.

5. Now enter the Email Address of your new account exactly as specified by your cloud email provider.  You can enter your own Description for this account.  Then select Next.

6. When you are asked to Sign into your Exchange account choose the Configure Manually option.  Your iPhone will then try and verify the settings for your new account.

7. You will need to enter additional settings for your account as follows:

Server: exchange13.mailsolutions.com.au
Domain: cloud13

Username: <As specified by your cloud provider>
Password: <As specified by your cloud provider>

NOTE: Do not enter CLOUD13\ as part of the username like in Microsoft Outlook.  This is the domain and has its own setting on Apple devices as shown.

Select Next when you have entered all the settings and credentials correctly.

8. If you enter all the settings correctly after a few minutes you will see ticks confirming all your settings.  Your iPhone will then ask what elements of your new cloud email account you would like to synchronize with your iPhone.  If for example you do not wish the contacts of this online account to appear on your iPhone and your iPhone contacts to be synchronized with the online account, then disable the Contacts option.

Select Save to save the settings for your new account.

Optimizing your iPhone Email Account Settings

9. After you have setup your account we recommend taking a few moments to optimize your settings.  To save battery life disable push by selecting Fetch New Data from the Passwords & Accounts settings menu.

10. Down the bottom select the desired option, such as Every 30 Minutes.   Then click on your new account at the top if it says Push and from the settings menu change it to Fetch.

Changing your Default Email signature.

11. We recommend taking a moment to change the default email signature.  From the main Settings menu on your device scroll down and select Mail.

12. From the Mail settings menu scroll down and select Signature.

13. Change the default signature "Sent from my iPhone" to your desired signature text or blank out the setting to have no signature appear at the bottom of emails you send from this account on your phone.

14. Lastly if you have multiple email accounts setup on your phone you may wish to change the default account in use on your device with the Default Account setting at the bottom of the Mail settings menu as shown.

Your email account is now ready to Use!

14. To check your emails click on the Mail icon from the main application menu of your device.

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